I would never have said that Shelby was beautiful. She was overweight, had purple streaks in her hair, and wore a silver chained necklace. My idea of beauty was women who were tall, skinny, tan, and fit well within an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue. However, Ross Kaellner’s idea of beauty changed one week on a mission trip to an Indian reservation in South Dakota. By the end of that mission’s trip, Ross had put his faith in Jesus Christ for the first time because of Shelby. Her internal beauty was radiant because it was rooted in her love for God! God’s love just poured out of her, and because of that — Ross’ life was forever changed.

QUESTION 1. Is your definition of beauty found on the cover of a maxim, or people magazine? Or do you instead, look to the core of who people are?
QUESTION 2. Do you let your eyes direct your heart? Is it easy for you to become mesmerized with appearances? Or do you let God define what is beautiful in the people around you?
CHALLENGE: The most unpopular day of Jesus’ life was when he died on the cross. That day He looked hideous, abandoned, despised, broken, and abused — but it was also the most beautiful day for the rest of eternity.
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