2 Samuel 23:12

“But Shammah took his stand in the middle of the field. He defended it and struck the Philistines down, and the Lord brought about a great victory.”

In our culture we can’t stand to be bored. We have to constantly find something to fill our time, captivate our attention, or entertain us. We wear busyness like a badge of honor. When we do have free time, we fill it with endless episodes of our favorite show on Netflix, or constant scrolls through social media. We multitask so we feel like we are accomplishing more. Our minds are constantly occupied by something, even if we are occupying it by something that seems mindless. All so we won’t be bored.

I notice far too often in my life that I tend to be looking forward to the next thing, so much so that I end up missing out on a lot of what is going on now. Whether it is the next item on my calendar, a new job, the next step in my education, my next adventure, or a new year — I am always looking for what’s next. Our culture is guilty of that too. Before high school graduation comes people are asking you where you are going next. Once you get to college, you start to hear people ask what you are going to do with your degree. When you are dating someone people ask when you are getting engaged. Then before the proposal excitement even soaks in you are asked when the wedding is. On and on the pattern goes. We are always concerned with what’s next.

There is some good in the forward-looking mindset – it ultimately keeps us from settling. However, we often end up missing out on the beauty of each moment when we are constantly fixated on the next new thing. We rush through life without committing to giving each moment all that it deserves. We are afraid to commit ourselves to the season or situation God has us in because we are wanting something new. Keep moving forward, but don’t rush the process. Don’t let the fear of getting “bored” keep you from fully embracing each step of the journey you are on. Commit yourself fully to the present, you might just find some beautiful surprises along the way!

QUESTION 1. What do you fill your free time with? Are those things helping you live life to the fullest or just occupying your time?
QUESTION 2. What are you looking forward to? Are those things goals that keep you striving in the present or are they distractions keeping you from living fully now?
CHALLENGE: Take some time to notice the world around you without any distractions. Look for ways you can commit yourself to the season God has you in right now.
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