John 6:29

“Jesus told them, ‘This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.”

When was the last time you spent quality, uninterrupted time with someone you care about? In our busy culture, quality time can be hard to come by. Schedules have to align just right, to-do lists have to be completed so we don’t have to worry about them, and distractions have to be ignored so we can focus on the person we are with. Sometimes quality time seems nearly impossible to come by. We are a “Go, go, go” culture that thrives on being busy.

We weren’t created for this kind of lifestyle – not when it keeps us from the deep, meaningful relationships we were created for. There is something so special about time spent with someone you love. It recharges you, encourages you, challenges you, and shapes you. This is what God created us for, what Jesus modeled for us, and what the Holy Spirit equips us for. We were not only created to know others and be known by others, but we were created to know and be known by God.

It is far too easy in our culture today to get caught up in doing the right things. We can go to church, youth group, Bible studies, small groups, retreats, camps, and mission trips that are all focused on God. However, if we are not spending time getting to know God personally, we are incomplete. We cannot be a Church that is stuck doing things for God and miss out on doing life with God

QUESTION 1. Look at your daily schedule. How are you inviting God to be a part of each activity on your calendar?
QUESTION 2. How have you been living your life for God instead of with Him? What do you think the difference is?
CHALLENGE: Take some time to be alone with God and his Word today so you can learn more about his character. Then invite Him into each activity throughout your day and pay attention to what He wants to teach you today!
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