Have you ever gotten caught cheating on an assignment or test lately? Or maybe you’ve been lying to your parents for so long about who you’ve been hanging out with, and they’ve finally found out. Perhaps you’ve been exposed involving what websites you’ve been looking at online. It’s never fun being exposed and afterwards there is humiliation, punishment, and frustration.

But always remember this, God brings discipline in our lives to purify us, and because he loves us. God needs to shake us up from time to time, and move us from a lifestyle that dishonors him – to one that pleases him!

QUESTION 1. What is it for you? Maybe, at this moment, you are doing something you know is wrong – but haven’t gotten caught. It may be fun, exciting, or thrilling in the moment – but you need to ask yourself, would Jesus agree with this behavior?
QUESTION 2. Is there something that is holding you back in your relationship with Christ?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to reflect on one or two things in your life that you know are not pleasing to God – and ask him for the strength to develop new habits to overcome them. Remember, submitting is much less difficult than the pain God brings into our lives through discipline. It’s your choice, make the right one today!
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