Have you ever heard the phrase Expect the Unexpected? While traveling through an AIDS camp in the Bahamas, the unexpected is exactly what happened to me. I came across an older woman who had contracted AIDS and she called me in from her little shack that she lived in. All the while I could hear her just praising God! She seemed like the happiest person in the world! However, as I approached her, I began to smell a stench that radiated from her and her shack. It smelled of urine, body odor, and feces. She invited me in, and I felt that as a Christian I should oblige her. However, all I was really thinking about was finding the nearest escape route. I even remember praying for a way to escape the smell, but that’s when the unexpected happened! As I was talking to this woman who appeared malnourished, smelly and un-kept, that’s when Christ showed up. While I was praying for an exit, she was thanking God for the great day, for her family that never visits her; she even asked if she could read the Psalms to me! As she began to read her Bible, the Holy Spirit convicted me and I felt ashamed and sick to my stomach. You see, all the stench that I thought was so awful I realized wasn’t actually coming from her, but from inside me—from my very soul! This is a woman who has AIDS, lives in a rundown camp in the middle of nowhere Bahamas, and can basically be forgotten by society as a whole. This is a woman who has everything to be discouraged about, but instead, she is praising God for all that he has done in her life. That is a day I will never forget, a day when I saw Christ in the flesh through an old Bahamian woman who contracted the AIDS virus, who smelled, was dirt poor, lived in a tiny shack, and yet was giving God all the glory for her life!

QUESTION 1. Have you ever had an unexpected visit from the divine? Has Jesus ever called you out for your sinful condition?
QUESTION 2. Who we are is not based on the outside appearance, accomplishments or fame, but rather on our identity in Christ.
CHALLENGE: It’s funny, for some reason we still to this day always expect Jesus to be riding in on a white horse robed as a king, but in reality Jesus always comes as a servant, riding in on a donkey. Or in this case as a Bahamian woman who showed me my sinfulness. We challenge you to look for God in the unexpected and remember who you are in Christ.
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