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Mark 8:29

And He continued by questioning them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered and said to Him, “You are the Christ.”

 I grew up in the church and if someone would’ve asked me, “Who is Jesus to you,” I probably would’ve replied with the most Sunday School answer ever. I understood Jesus only by what the church or my parents told me he was. There was no real relationship and I was hard-pressed to even consider Him real. To me He was just a historical figure.

This continued until I actively started pursuing Jesus on my own away from what the church told me and what my parents told me. Don’t get me wrong, everything they taught me was good; it just wasn’t a relationship until I made my faith my own. It was only then that He became my Savior, my comfort, and my love.

Who do you say Jesus is? Is He what your parents say He is? Or your church? Or, if your parents aren’t believers, is your view of Him marred by what they think of Jesus. Answer this honestly, and don’t give a Sunday School answer. Do you have a real relationship with the One who loves you enough to die for you? Are you willing to follow Him, give everything up and trust Him? Grow your faith and relationship by pursuing Jesus. Talk with Him, worship Him, read books about Him, read His book. I promise that the more you pursue Jesus the more real he’ll become.

QUESTION 1. Who is Jesus to you?
QUESTION 2. Do you actively pursue a relationship or just coast on going to church and your parents’ relationship?
CHALLENGE: Give yourself completely to Jesus and pursue a relationship with him. Ask yourself if He has your entire life or you’re just doing the cool Christian thing and saying you follow Him.
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