After graduating college, Ross Kaellner made a huge decision to live in Australia for a year to help students – launching a Christian organization at an Australian University. What he didn’t realize was that he needed to raise $40,000 dollars for start up costs and living expenses over those 12 months.

Leaving his fears aside, Ross placed his faith in God to raise the necessary funds. And God honored that request. Generosity flowed. People rallied around him, with prayers, encouragement, and lots of dough.

Obviously, God isn’t going to swing open the doors of Xbox games into your lap if you ask. He’s not in the business of serving the self-centered. BUT, if we humble ourselves, and ask God for BIG things, that honor HIM – he often says yes.

QUESTION 1. What does God want to say yes to you for today?
QUESTION 2. If God called you right now to raise $40,000.00 to do missions for a year would you trust him to supply the money, or would you throw in the towel like Ross almost did?
CHALLENGE: What do you have a hard time placing your faith in God for? Keep your eyes and ears open to what God is calling you to do, and be amazed at how God will bless it.
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