Sometime you need someone to come in and show you a completely new perspective on something. And sometimes as crazy as you think it is, it actually makes a lot of sense! Never close yourself off to things that are different or sound crazy.

Jesus was notorious for changing peoples perspective on things. You don’t need to look any further than the Sermon on the Mount and the beatitudes to illustrate this. Jesus came and brought a COMPLETELY new perspective to this world. He changed peoples thinking as it pertained to love; things like don’t hate your enemies, in fact love them! Don’t stop with serving your friends; serve those who it hurts to serve! I challenge you today to read Matthew chapter 5, but read it with an open mind. Let the word of God change you. Maybe you will wake up tomorrow living and loving more like Christ!

QUESTION 1. Read Matthew 5 and meditate on Christ’s wisdom.
QUESTION 2. Are you willing to see God from a different perspective?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you this week to go out and find new ways to see God. Change your perspective on how you seek him. Don’t only look for God in the ordinary places like church and youth group, but look for him in places and ways you would never expect.
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