Matthew 6:12

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

 Why is forgiving someone who wronged you so incredibly hard? You feel like withholding that forgiveness will somehow pay that person back for a little bit of what they did to you. Forgiveness can feel impossible, especially when the wrong against you is something atrocious like sexual abuse, murder of someone in your family, or simply a friend stabbing you in the back.

Here’s the thing though. The wrongs you have done against God are innumerable, horrible, and a daily occurrence. Even one tiny little sin against God is enough to damn us all to hell for eternity, but God in all his grace and forgiveness loved us enough to send his only son to take on all our sins and die for us so that we can live. If God can forgive us then where do we get off thinking that we can’t forgive someone? Yes, some things seem unforgiveable and may take a long time to heal from, but God can help you and, if you ask him for it, he can give you a heart of true forgiveness. Hanging on to that heart of bitterness will only hurt you in the long run. God can and will soften your hard and bitter heart; you just have to allow him.

QUESTION 1. Is there someone you are refusing to forgive? Are there multiple people? If you need to, make a list.
QUESTION 2. Why aren’t you forgiving them? Do you feel like it’s justified because of what they did to you?
CHALLENGE: If you are harboring any bitterness and anger in your heart towards someone, give that up once and for all. Look to Christ and what he did for you as an example; then forgive that person.
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