Proverbs 27:17

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Be careful with what you say. A string of words that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime.

Words are power. They have started wars and they have prevented them. They have destroyed people’s self worth and they have given them courage. Words have the power to alternately build and destroy. The enemy uses what people say to you and about you to knock you down and make you ineffective in building God’s kingdom. Think about it, if someone has repeatedly told you that you don’t matter and never will, how will you have the boldness to go out and make a difference?

But what the enemy destroys God will rebuild, as long as we let him. We need to build others up as often as we can. The world consistently tells us what is wrong with us and what we need to fix. But as Christians, we need to stop those lies before they can worm their way into our heads. Tell people they are worthy, loved, and capable. Speak truth into their lives and they will, in turn, speak truth into yours.

The enemy hates the truth. The more we sharpen ourselves and others into the people that God has made us to be the more the enemy will fight back with lies. But don’t believe them. Find a community of truth speakers who won’t knock you down but will build you up to be the best possible child of God that you can be.

QUESTION 1. Has God ever used someone to tell you something that built you up and gave you boldness? Have you believed the lies of the enemy?
QUESTION 2. How often do you hold back saying something nice to someone for fear of appearing weird?
CHALLENGE: Write down the lies you believe about yourself and then rip them up into little pieces. Then, find a community you can trust and allow them to sharpen you spiritually and emotionally as you sharpen them also.
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