1 Peter 5:7

“Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.”

I have always had really vivid dreams. They are wild and crazy sometimes, but other times they are just normal enough to feel like they are really happening. Many times I have woken after dreaming about something and I’ve had to try to figure out what was real and what was just a dream. I’ve had to wipe tears from my eyes, forgive friends and family, and check the facts of a situation all because of events that took place in my mind as I slept. Other times, I won’t remember a dream right away, but later in the day something will trigger my memory of a dream and I’m left sorting reality from imagination.

 I have also been a vivid dreamer about how I think my life should be. I have all these plans and ideas for how I think things should go for me, and they don’t always turn out how I planned. I find myself disappointed by hardships because they were not what I wanted. I get angry and bitter when reality does not align with the expectations I have for my life or the lives of those I care deeply about. Reality does not compare with my thoughts, dreams, or expectations. That’s because reality was never meant to compare.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming or desiring more from our lives. God gave us that ability for a reason and he wants us to dream big! However, there is something wrong with holding those dreams so tightly that we have no room for God to show us his plans in the midst of our reality. Things will not always go the way we planned. Sometimes they are harder than we wanted, but other times they are far better than we imagined. If everything happened exactly how we expected it to, we would miss out on opportunities to see God move in ways that are bigger than ourselves.

Dream. Dream big. Work to make those dreams come true. But don’t do any of it without bringing your desires and expectations to God constantly. Hold your expectations and plans in wide open hands as you hold them out for Him to use. In doing so, you will find that reality is less disappointing and more of an opportunity for more dreams, hopes, and desires to be fulfilled in ways you may have never imagined. Reality will not always look exactly how you’d hoped it would. Even still, you have a God who cares about your dreams, expectations, and desires. So share them with Him and see what happens!

QUESTION 1. What are some of your biggest dreams, desires and expectations for your life?
QUESTION 2. How have you been disappointed by reality lately? Why were you left disappointed?
CHALLENGE: Spend some time writing down your dreams and your disappointments in a letter to God. Be honest with Him – He wants to sit with you in your pain and give you the desires of your heart.
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