Genesis 16:13

She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

 We all want to be noticed. Some of us wear tie-died shirts, get Mohawks, and stalk someone until they go on a date with us, or jump off a roof into a swimming pool. Yes, these are extreme examples, but many of us will go to some insane lengths to be noticed. We just want others to acknowledge us and to let us know what we do matters.

The verse above from Genesis has given me so much comfort when I start to feel like no one notices or no one cares. God cares. God sees. Think about this truth for a moment. The God of everything, of all seven billion people alive today, sees you and knows you intimately. That is complete craziness, and so very comforting.

No longer do we need to try so hard to get others to notice us. Isn’t it enough that our God sees us? And He not only sees you, but also knows you better than anyone ever will on this planet and better than you even know yourself. Take comfort in this. When you start to feel alone and unnoticed, go to God and lay everything down before him. Ask Him to help you see yourself through His eyes and He will.

QUESTION 1. What are some ways in which you try to get others to notice you? Have they worked?
QUESTION 2. Do you take comfort in knowing that God sees and knows you? Why or why not?
CHALLENGE: Meditate on these truths and, when you start to feel alone and unnoticed, go to God and remind yourself of your worth in him.
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