We have done nothing in the way of earning, paying for or deserving God’s awesome and eternal love! We’ve done nothing to deserve His Spirit, and we definitely didn’t do anything to deserve our eternal relationship with Him in heaven. But what an amazing and astonishing thought it is to think about the immeasurable difference between what we deserve and what we as Christians actually receive! God’s grace is available to all who believe with no exceptions. There is nothing you have done that God can’t or won’t forgive, and there is no payment or good deed that you can do to earn his love. God loves you for you, and offers you his free gift of grace today!

QUESTION 1. Have you ever been punished for something you’ve done? (Explain)
QUESTION 2. Have you ever been shown grace by someone when you actually deserved to be punished? (Explain)
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to live as people of grace, to accept the grace that God has given to all believers. And just as importantly, we encourage you to show that same grace toward others today!
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