Have you ever been rock climbing before? Bad idea if you don’t have the right equipment. I remember climbing with my girlfriend (now wife) back in college. It was beautiful and picturesque. I remember wanting to show off for her but it didn’t go quite how I expected it to go. As we were free climbing a 65 foot rock face my girlfriend got up to the top just fine, but I must have taken a different path up because I ran out of any area to plant my feet. I made it almost to the very top and got stuck with nowhere to go. That’s when I heard a voice say grab my hand. I didn’t want to grab her hand because I thought my weight would pull her down as well, but time was running out and I had to make a choice. Finally, at the last second, I through up my hand in desperation for my girlfriend to save me. And you know what, she did! It was amazing!

Just like I had to have faith in my girlfriend to save my life that day, so Christ is begging you to have faith and grab onto his hand. He wants to save your life and all you have to do is reach out your hand to him, and he will pull you up.

QUESTION 1. When was a time that you had to place your faith in something other than yourself to help you through a trial or scary situation?
QUESTION 2. Are you willing to place your faith in Christ regardless of the situation and let him pull you up to safety?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to have faith and know that God is big enough to get you through any situation, regardless of your circumstances.
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