1 Corinthians 15:14

And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.

 We have all heard the stories about Jesus’ disciples doing amazing miracles in his name like casting out demons and healing the sick. We’ve even heard stories of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead; but that was 2000 years ago. We wish that we could’ve lived during Jesus’ time so we could see these miracles in person, or even perform them ourselves, but things like that don’t happen today. They all seem to have lived such epic lives and that’s something that we could never do now. Or is it?

The fact of the matter is that God is still using us right now just as much as he used people 2000 years ago. We’ve been so blinded by our lack of faith and how much junk we shovel into our minds on a daily basis that we have almost completely silenced the voice of God and our ability to see him work. God wants to invite us into his story. He wants our lives to be epic and full; we just need to learn to listen to His guidance.

You are alive right now for a very specific reason and, as long as you woke up today, God still has huge plans for your life. We just need to silence the endless squabbling of the television, the incessant updates of the Facebook newsfeed, and our horrible lack of faith in the power of God long enough so we can hear his voice again. Open your eyes to the world around you, ask God for guidance for every moment of every day and you’ll notice miracles happening all the time. Your life will be a story worth telling because Jesus will be at the center.

QUESTION 1. Do you believe God still works in our lives like he did for those in Bible times?
QUESTION 2. What in your life is closing your eyes to God’s story? Is it a lack of faith? A lack of relationship with Jesus? Too much media?
CHALLENGE: You are part of God’s story and you are alive today for a reason. Live with that at the forefront of your mind. Live an awesome story.
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