Luke 17:33

Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

The pleasure of this world is so enticing. It grabs a hold of you, promises a life of fun and acceptance, then throws you to the curb and you’re left broken and lonely. I’ve been there. When I got to college I sought after the superficial life of drinking and partying. Sure, I had fun sometimes, but in the end I was depressed, without direction, and so very alone. Why is it that we chase after the temporary pleasures of this life and put God into a corner? He is the only one who can give us the life, love and peace we’re looking for, but we think the soap operas of this world are so much more important.

In the Book of 1 John, Chapter 2, verse 17, it tells us that, “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.” So why do we place such a huge importance on the pleasures of this world? No amount of fun will ever be better than a true relationship with Jesus. Now I’m not saying it’s not okay to have a good time, I believe Jesus had lots of fun, but it becomes an issue when we chase after pleasure more than Jesus. And it definitely is an issue when it’s sinful. Jesus offers us an abundant and full life; he is the living water that, if we fully accept, will keep us from thirsting for temporary pleasures again (John 4:14).

QUESTION 1. What pleasures do you seek after in your life? Alcohol? Sex? Drugs? Relationships? Make a list.
QUESTION 2. Do you believe that Jesus is all you need in this life? Do you truly believe it? Take that list and give it all to God by telling him that he is more important than all those pleasures.
CHALLENGE: Keep Christ in the center of your life. Seek Him every day and you’ll notice the desires of this world growing dimmer and dimmer.
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