Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

We all have assumptions of what paths our lives should take. When I was fourteen I distinctly remember a mentor telling me that one day I would go on mission trips. I told him he was dead wrong and said no about twenty times. I thought I would become this crazy famous writer who would write scripts in Hollywood and who was sought after by Steven Spielberg. I even told others that pursuing a famous writing career was God’s plan. Well, His actual plan was vastly different.

Immediately after graduating college God placed missions in front of me and this time, instead of saying no, I said yes. I wasn’t headed off to Hollywood, all the big directors weren’t clamoring after me, but I was following God’s lead and he led me on bigger adventures than anything I could’ve come up with or done on my own. Instead of writing great stories about others, God was making my own story something worth writing about.

Are you in the same place? Do you have all these aspirations about what path you should pursue while neglecting the voice and leading of God? Don’t get me wrong; having dreams and passions is great; they are placed there by God and he will use them. Sometimes they just look different from what we think they should. While on the mission trip, I got to use my writing skills through blogging, and now I get to write for all of you to point you to Jesus. My original plan was to point everything back to me, but God said, “Let’s try this together and point everything to me.”

QUESTION 1. Where do you think God may be leading you? Are you trying to push God’s plan to the side because yours is “better?”
QUESTION 2. Are you scared of following God’s path because of where it may lead and how uncomfortable it may be?
CHALLENGE: Take God out of the box you’ve put him in; destroy all assumptions of what you think your life should look like, and listen for God’s will for you. Then, (Here comes the hard part.) let Him write you an epic story.
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