Psalm 39:7 But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.

Many people throughout history have placed their hope in Jesus Christ for their salvation, but when it came to placing their hope in him for their daily circumstances they tended to place their hope in their own abilities rather than God’s. Why this happens varies from person to person, but one underlying thread interweaves within the fabric of self-hope, and that is pride. People don’t want their dirty laundry out where others can see it. They want to portray a masked, or fake, image to others rather than let anyone know that they hurt or are struggling inside. It’s called being fake and it’s often times what unbelievers hate most about Christians. God wants us to place our hope in him and he wants to use the church to care for and disciple each other. The more real we are towards others and God, the more God can work to transform our lives and fill us with the joy we were always meant to have. We need to stay real, hope in the Lord and let God transform our lives!

QUESTION 1. Are you creating a false image towards others?
QUESTION 2. Is your pride keeping you from experiencing real healing and joy in your life?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to hope in the Lord and not in any false image you’ve created. Allow the people God has placed in your life to help disciple you and let God transform your life today!
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