Psalm 62:8

Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

 It can be overwhelming, scary, and confusing when you start a new period of life such as going to a new school, starting college, moving, a new job, or even when you end a long relationship. It’s easy to lie to yourself, telling yourself that nobody understands the things you’re going through, and to isolate yourself because, “They just don’t know.”

But even when no one else seems to understand your pain, God does. He is the safest and most trustworthy person you can talk to about your problems. You can share every triumph and failure and He’ll still love you and understand you perfectly, no matter what. After all, He created you, He knows you better than anyone.

“That’s all great, but God doesn’t answer me. He can’t talk back, so why bother?” But He does. When you pour your heart out to the only one who will never misunderstand you, God will talk to you; through the Bible, through other people, through circumstances, even through an inaudible voice. Just try it. Lay all your challenges, stress, and overwhelming situations at the feet of Jesus and you’ll find yourself enjoying more peace than you could ever receive from telling another person.

QUESTION 1. When you’re faced with something that makes you feel like no one else could understand what you’re going through, do you isolate yourself? Where do you turn?
QUESTION 2. How often have you given these circumstances to God? If you have, how did you feel after pouring your heart out to Him?
CHALLENGE: Pour your heart out to God. He is safe. He is love. He cares about your heart and understands exactly where you are.
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