As children many of us have played with Legos, dolls, or some kind of toys that brought us into a make-believe world of fun and adventure. Some of us may have pretended we were someone famous or really important like a princess, superhero, or famous sports figure. Creating a world of make-believe or pretending to be someone or something we aren’t can be a lot of fun sometimes, but let’s face it; sometimes people can take pretending a little too far, so far that it can even become destructive.

If we’re honest about it, sometimes all of us get so concerned with putting on a show or persona for God and the people around us that we end up becoming someone completely different; completely not ourselves and completely fake. The big problem hits us when we realize that who we pretend to be really isn’t what makes us happy in the end. Why? Because we aren’t being authentic to who God is and who God made us to be.

So, pretend with Legos all you want, but when it comes to who you are, be real with God. You just might be surprised how great it can feel to truly be yourself, without any pretending.

QUESTION 1. If you were to look at your life closely, are there any ways that you are pretending to be someone or something you’re really not?
QUESTION 2. Are there areas in your life where you are being fake, or maybe giving a false impression about who you really are towards others? (Explain)
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to know who you are, to be real with God and to experience the freedom and joy that comes from knowing who God is and who he has made you to be!
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