We are surrounded in this world by lies and ugliness. But God’s word, it’s the one truth we have. The Bible is full of God’s promises and hopes for us. It tells us how to navigate this world, how to live our lives. Mostly, it shows us who we are in Christ. It gives us our identity as His beloved children, chosen by Him. So, that feeling of not quite knowing who I was, it started to disappear. I realized exactly who I was; it was written in the pages of the Bible.

I began to carry my Bible everywhere. I started to read it when I was waiting for someone. I would sit down and open it up and read wherever I was. I purposely started to show up places early so that I would get that time to read. I liked that so much that then I started to go out with the sole intent of reading my Bible. I would go to Starbucks, just me and my Bible, and sit there reading. I was finally having real quiet time with God, and it was changing my life.

QUESTION 1. How often do you read your Bible?
QUESTION 2. The Bible is an amazing book that helps us understand who we are in Christ. Do you know who you are as a Christian, and what that means for you?
CHALLENGE: If you aren’t reading your Bible, Alison says that you’re walking around like a person who doesn’t even know their own reflection in the mirror. So here’s our challenge for you, for one week, bring your Bible with you everywhere you go. And whenever you have a moment of downtime, open it up. Do this everyday and we promise it will transform your life.
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