It’s almost noon on Sunday morning, and a house of college people wake up from a night of bar hopping and parties. Conversations of what had happened on the night before started up. Then, in a matter of moments, one of the girls started a line of questions that changed my life. “Nick, did you go somewhere this morning?” “Yes” I said, “I had to sneak out to church”. “ Oh wow, you go to church?” she said. Just then one of my best friends jumped in “Nick is the best guy ever! He runs mission trips and takes high school students all over the place on these trips.” In that moment I just kept thinking “shut up”. I could tell the conversation didn’t sit well with the friend in the corner of the room, either. She lay back down with a confused look on her face. About one minute later she sat back up and looked me in the eye. “Wait, Nick, you’re a Christian?” “Yeah, yeah I’m a Christian” I managed to murmur out. And then silence…10, 20, 30 seconds … and she sat up one more time with a look on her face that I will never forget. “Man,” she said, “you are the last person I would have thought was a Christian.”

QUESTION 1. Is your lifestyle in sync with your faith in Christ?
QUESTION 2. Would people know you’re a Christian when you’re outside of the church?
CHALLENGE: 1 Peter 1:15 Just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in ALL that you do. It hit me right there, that being a Christian isn’t about church on Sunday. It’s not about mission trips. It’s not about calling yourself a Christian. It’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and living like him in ALL that you do.
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