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In the book of 1 Samuel God calls Samuel when he’s only 12 years old. Because he has never experienced the voice of the Lord, Samuel doesn’t recognize His call when he first hears it. It takes Eli, the priest to interpret the call for what it is, a call from God. “Go back and lie down,” he tells Samuel, “and when He calls say Speak Lord, your servant hears.” And Samuel does. So when the time comes, Samuel is able to respond in the appropriate way, “Speak Lord, your servant hears,” with no wishy-washy attitude, no reluctance to acknowledge the call, no doubts as to the authenticity of the speaker, just an open readiness to hear whatever God wants to communicate to him.

QUESTION 1. God speaks to us in many ways. Have you ever felt like you heard God speak to you? If you have, how did He speak to you? (audibly or through thought, Scripture, another person, a nudging on your heart, etc.)
QUESTION 2. What have you been hearing God call you to do lately?
CHALLENGE: I think God is constantly calling us, each one of us. The challenge to us is to give up our business, laziness, doubts, fears and self-centered focus. Samuel’s response to God’s call was the beginning of a great relationship. So when you hear the voice of God, respond with a loud Speak Lord, your servant hears, and maybe, just maybe you will discover that God has something amazing planned for you today!
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