Have you ever seen people who were just “crazy in love” with each other? How do they act in public? Do they get exited about being able to spend time together, laugh together and lift each other up?

Now, let’s transition these thoughts over to Jesus and your relationship with him, that is, could you say you are “crazy in love” with Jesus? Do you find it difficult keeping Him off your mind in a given day? What images or thoughts come to your mind when you think about being “crazy in love” with Jesus? Jesus is amazing, he forgave us from our sins, he sets us free from all our baggage life brings our way and he loves us to the point of sacrificing his life for us! Knowing this should make you want to cry out “I love you and praise him” regardless of whose watching!

QUESTION 1. As Christians we all say that we love Jesus, but based on your actions towards Jesus and others would anyone actually really know that you loved Him?
QUESTION 2. What ways can you show Jesus and others that you’re “crazy in love” with him this week?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to change your perspective regarding what it means to be in love with Jesus. Don’t just tell Jesus that you love him, tell the world that you’re in love with him! Become “crazy in love” with Jesus today!
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