John 15:7

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

If you’ve ever been on a mission trip you know the incredible spiritual high you get. You’re so focused, so close to God, so passionate and so alive. But you also know the post mission trip crash. You come back home and nothing seems clear anymore. You become distracted again by the popularity contest of school, Netflix, Instagram, and suddenly the great relationship and passion that you gained for God is gone.

Why is it that once we come back from mission trips things seem to change back so rapidly? The problem lies in our lack of relationship with God. On the mission trips we have Bible studies, we pray a lot, worship, and witness to people; so of course we feel close to God. But do we continue that back in our everyday lives? Usually not.

We need to make sure that when we return home we press even more into studying God’s word and talking with him. Communication is key in great relationships, so why do we so often neglect this most important aspect: talking with God? Even when it seems tedious, or boring, continue reading your Bible every single day and I promise God will bless you. Talk with Him every day too, as if talking with a friend, even when it feels like He isn’t listening. He is, and you will be blessed for that, too.

QUESTION 1. What do you think is distracting you from a close relationship with God? Make a list and then make some changes in your life.
QUESTION 2. Do you spend time with God every day? Worshipping, reading your Bible, praying?
CHALLENGE: Pray and read your Bible daily in order to keep that communication line open with Him and you will find the “mission trip” joy and passion in your everyday life.
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