I Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

Brian Welch was a guitarist for the hard rock band Korn. They are well known for their sexually explicit and disturbing lyrics, which even led a reporter for the Chicago Tribune to call the band a bunch of “perverts and psychopaths.” But Brian Welch had a friend who would pray for him daily. He prayed for him for years and one day felt led to give Brian a Bible. To make a long story short, Brian Welch, a previously drug-fueled “pervert”, became a Christian and dropped out of the band. He now tells everyone he can about the love of Jesus.

Stories like this are common around the world. God gets a hold of someone’s life and suddenly previous drug addicts, alcoholics, atheists, and pimps are fully devoted followers of Jesus. Some even become pastors. This is the power of God.

When you start to think that maybe God isn’t hearing your prayers for your best friend who hates religion, or your parents who just don’t understand your whole Jesus thing, know that God is always at work. He can’t, nor does He want to, force someone to love Him but He does work on their heart and in their life. Never stop praying for them. It may seem like God isn’t doing anything, but I can assure you, he is doing something beautiful.

QUESTION 1. Do you know someone whose life has radically been changed by Jesus? Maybe it’s you.
QUESTION 2. Who do you pray for? Have you seen how God is working in their lives?
CHALLENGE: Pray without ceasing and know that God hears it all, and only he has the power to change someone’s life.
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