1 Samuel 30:6

David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him…. But David found strength in the Lord his God.

The Old Testament is a beautiful testament of stories from people millenniums ago. King David lived in the mid-9th century BCE, yet as long ago as these people’s stories are, they’re not really all that different from our own.

The greatest thing about the past is that we can learn from it. King David is a great example of this. He was the King of a nation and there were many who wanted to steal his power, including his own family. David knew something that we can all benefit from in times of distress; that is, he’d learned that while he could not rely on his own strength and power in times of distress he could trust and rely on God’s. When we place our strength, trust and love in things and people more than in God, we are bound to be left in distress. People and things can and will fail us at times, but God never will. Keep your focus on God; rely on his strength and on his power and you will never be truly distressed. The One you serve is stronger than any living thing, He is the creator of all things, and He is greater than any circumstance you will ever face.

God is asking you to connect with him. He is asking you to trust in Him, to focus on Him, and to love Him. During the challenging times in life, and there will be challenging times, where will you find your strength?

QUESTION 1. In what areas of your life do feel that you carry the most stress?
QUESTION 2. Do you find it hard to focus on and trust in God to give you the strength needed to make it through some of life’s most distressing situations? If you answer yes to this question, what is stopping you from trusting Him?
CHALLENGE: Everything in this world changes and every beginning has an end; however, if you place your focus on and place your trust and love in the Lord who never changes and has no beginning or end, you will live in his strength and love forever!
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