Have you ever seen those Magic Eye books? You know the ones with the picture within a picture? The picture within actually has a 3D image that appears out of the page. The interesting thing is that the image isn’t always easy to see. I remember being in a café looking at one of these books and being frustrated because I couldn’t see the 3D image everyone else was seeing. So, being competitive like I am, I purchased the book and brought it home to practice. I tried all the tricks that people told me about in order to see the image, and finally after a couple of days of trying I was able to see the full 3D image. I was pretty pumped to say the least. For a while, I had started to doubt if the image even really existed at all.

The key is I kept focused and kept searching for new ways to view the image. You see, just because I couldn’t see the 3D image didn’t mean that the image didn’t exist. This is the same as it is with God. Just because you can’t physically see God doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist. The truth is, just like that 3D image existed, so God exists as well. You just need to stay focused and keep looking for new ways to see His image.

QUESTION 1. Have you found it difficult to see God in your life? What makes it hard for you see him?
QUESTION 2. If you have found it hard to see God, then we encourage you to talk to others and find out how they have seen God at work in their lives.
CHALLENGE: Remember, don’t give up and stay focused. We promise, if you are truly seeking God, he will truly show himself to you.
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