Psalms 86:11 Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.

Lust is often stealthy and cunning. Its lure is powerful, and its addictive capacity is a bottomless pit. Lust can take on many forms. These days, with porn just a mouse click away, there’s never been greater opportunity to feed destructive lusts. Everyone is vulnerable, from teens to parents to Christian leaders. The Scriptures warn us (with good reason!) to flee immorality. No good thing will ever come to your life, relationships, marriage, family, or ministry from engaging in lustful behavior.
 Creating people in your mind, viewing pornographic images on the screen, or engaging in immoral sexual behavior only leads to depression, guilt and spiritual bondage.

If you haven’t been caught in lust’s snare, awesome! Keep doing what you are doing, but know that everyone, including you, is vulnerable to lust. If you have been ensnared by lust in any way, shape or form, let me encourage (and challenge) you: involvement with lust isn’t the unforgivable sin. Do your best to flee. God wants to help you. Use accountability tools like those given at and Talk to someone (a pastor or someone you can trust). Help is available. Get help. Know that if you struggle with lust it is a winnable war. You’re not alone, freedom and healing can come if you are willing to humble yourself and follow Jesus’ teaching today.

QUESTION 1. To what extent has lust influenced your life?
QUESTION 2. What practical steps do you need to take to guard yourself and your family from the stealthy and cunning snare of lust?
CHALLENGE: We challenge you to break free from lust’s snare. Talk to someone and be accountable so that lust cannot place you in bondage; but rather, that you may have the healing, freedom and joy that only a relationship with Christ can offer.
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