It was about 30 – 45 minutes, then her heart stopped. The doctors did all they could do, but on December 5th 2001 two parents heard the words that would have shot like knives through any parent’s heart. Their daughter was dead.

Imagine the shock, knowing that there was nothing else they could do to save their little baby. There was nothing in the world that they could have done to change the circumstances.

Imagine the questions you would have for God; questions like, why did you allow this to happen, why didn’t you save our child, what did such a little baby do to deserve such a fate.

The Parents would have given their own lives for their child, but the situation was totally out of their hands. There is good news though, that is, through all the questions and doubts they kept their faith and hope in God. The parents quickly realized that they may never get the answers to the questions they were searching for, but at the end of the day, they could rely on God’s promise of hope.

Romans 8:28a And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.

Because of their hope, faith and love for God, this couple was able to make it through the most trying times of their lives. God comforted them when they needed him most! Because of their experience, God now uses both of them to reach out to many people who suffer loss. God is doing amazing things through both of them, and he can do it through you, too!

God uses those who love him.

So remember, whatever troubles you go through, or have gone through in life, God will be there to comfort all those who truly love him, and that’s a promise!

QUESTION 1. What have you gone through in your life that has caused you to struggle in life, and possibly even question, or doubt?
QUESTION 2. Can you think about someone you may know that is going through a similar struggle as you in life and come up with some creative ways to comfort and pray for them?
CHALLENGE: Pray for God to give you opportunities to tell your story! Comfort someone else with the faith, hope and love that you have in Christ today!
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