Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of your heart.

 For the twenty plus years I have been a Christian I have told others I only want God’s will for my life. I have prayed and told God to do his will by sending me to go anywhere or do anything. But I wanted his will on my own terms, so I would only say yes to something when I wanted to do it. Then I would tell everyone it was God’s will, even though it was only my will.

This is a struggle with many Christians. We desire so badly to be living completely in the will of God but we are so bad at actually following where God leads. When we take our own paths we end up doing everything on our own power and set high expectations for ourselves that we can’t fulfill. For me, this led to depression and anxiety.

I have learned that the only time I am truly filled with joy is when I’m actually following God’s leading, not my own. It isn’t easy, but we must give complete control of our lives over to God and not just say we are going to do it. We can desire God’s will all day long but if action doesn’t accompany it then we will get nowhere.

Talk to God and tell him you’re sorry for following your own heart for so long. Our lives aren’t our own anyway; we belong to our creator. After you surrender your life back to him be ready to go or do wherever or whatever God is calling you to, no matter how uncomfortable. There is no better place to be than in the perfect will of God.

QUESTION 1. Do you pray for God’s will in your life and then ignore him when he tries to lead you somewhere you don’t want to go?
QUESTION 2. Do you actually desire God’s will or are you more content being comfortable?
CHALLENGE: Surrender to His will. Give every aspect of your life back to the one who created you and be ready to follow wherever it is He leads.
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