Mark 8:29

“But what about you?’” He asked. “’Who do you say I am?’” Peter answered, “’You are the Messiah.”

Growing up in the Church, I was taught to have faith and not to doubt, so I took what I was taught and I lived as though it was fact. I didn’t question it; I just tried to have faith. As I got older, I started to wrestle with questions that I was afraid to ask when I was younger. These questions started to fill my head and my heart with doubts about everything I was taught to believe growing up. I felt like I had to start back at the basis in order to understand what it is that I believe about God.

The process wasn’t easy because I had to strip away all the ways I had put God into a box so it was comfortable for me to believe in Him. I had created a version of God that worked for me, and in doing so, I was no longer serving Jehovah.

I realized how important it was for me to learn who God was again. So I began reading His Word in order to find out who He said He was. In this journey, I began to see that faith was less about getting everything right, and more about trusting the character of God. The journey is far from over, but it has been so worth it in order to truly know and trust that God really is who he says he is. Since this is true, it means there is room for questions and doubt because God is big enough to handle them all.

QUESTION 1. What do you believe about God’s character? How does that align with what God says about his character in Scripture?
QUESTION 2. How have you been putting God in a box to make believing in him more comfortable or convenient? How is this keeping you from trusting in who He says He is?
CHALLENGE: Take some time today praying about how you can get to know God more for who he really is. The more you get to know Him, the more you will learn to trust Him!
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