Our apps only collect and store basic anonymous interaction data such as a users current IP address and time of interaction, as well as any other user shared information through the app. We do not request or require any sensitive user data. We do not share any collected data with third parties.

We are not responsible for any republished content from this app without our permission.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 7-25-16. If you have any questions regarding our policy feel free to contact us using the form below.


For any issues with apps please try these quick fixes first!

Our apps are internet and web based and when the device is experiencing a poor or lost connection, it could leave the app partially loaded, or displaying oddly. Please check your internet connection, and try to refresh the app screen. You can do this by pulling down and releasing to refresh  from the apps main start screen position, or simply click the “mystep AppName” on the app header at the top of the screen. You can also close and restart the app. If this does not work please try the following:

1. Completely exit app and restart.

  • iOS – double tap home button and swipe app up off screen
  • android – go to applications view to view all open apps and swipe app off screen

2. Restart your phone.

3. Delete app data (android only): settings->application manager->”app name”->clear/delete data and cache

4. Uninstall/Remove app and app data and reinstall.



1. Why does my prayer request return “Oops, your prayer contained offensive language or questionable content that is not allowed. Please re-enter your prayer request.”?

– While we do our best to filter out the spam while allowing the legitimate prayers, some slang that could be considered abrasive, and any offensive words are not allowed. Also you may not mention special offers or try to sell anything using the prayer wall. Do not mention specific amounts or percentages of money or items, or attempt to solicit anything from anyone (aside from prayer) in any way. If the auto filter does not block these types of posts, they will be quickly deleted anyway.  If you follow these guidelines and still are unable to post your prayer to the wall please use the form below to let us know, and include the prayers content so we can resolve the issue.


2. Why can’t i edit my prayer content on iOS?

– You can edit the content. Just click off the prayer content somewhere else (such as the name field) and then press and hold to select in the prayer content where you would like to edit. This is a known issue that we are working to resolve in a future release so the content may be edited as normal.


3. Why can’t I scroll the prayer wall (Android only-Galaxy S5 and similar)

-This issue has been fixed as of 7-6-15 , but if you have not successfully used the app since then, you may need to delete the old data for the app in settings->application manager, or simply delete the app with data and reinstall.



1. Why is there less than 365 devo stories in the devo app?

– We are continuing to add devo stories up to 365!  Many of these are already just awaiting release.  Keep an eye out for new ones as they are generally released many at a time!


2. Why is the devo of the day the same when i open app the next day?

– You likely do not completely exit apps when you close them so the app must be refreshed. Simply pull down and release on the main “devo of the day” and the devo will update to the current days devo. You can also just click on the app name at the top to refresh, or select “devo of the day” from the menu.

(on iOS if you simply press home button the app remains open in background, you have to double press home button and swipe app off screen to exit app entirely. On Android you have to do the same swiping off of app, but it is done by pressing the applications view button to see all open apps, then swipe app off screen.)


Please use this form to inquire about the app you are using.  Please be specific to the app in terms of questions or suggestions you may have.

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